Cypress Gear Clothing

Cypress Gear Clothing is the perfect example of the American Dream at work. It started as an idea that a husband and wife had for a new apparel company. Their carefully planned dream included the name, the business plan, they even had some of the retail distribution channels figured out. What they didn’t have was the company logo and that one significant mark that would allow them to build their brand. That’s where we came into the picture. Through our discussions with them, we were able to design and incorporate an identity and logo mark that would give Cypress Gear Clothing the stable base to build a strong brand.


  • Since its launch Cypress Gear has increased its retail market by 100% in one year
  • Reorders by retailers carrying their product has been steady
  • The Brand is strong among a key growing demographic – 18 to 28 year olds
  • The product line has been expanding to meet demand ever since

Apparel, Outdoors