About Carbon6

Carbon6 takes a decidedly different approach to advertising, marketing, and web services. We keep a minimal streamlined staff and your contact is kept directly with the experts in strategic planning, creative, and design – you know, the ones actually doing the work. If your project requires an expert in another field, we have business partners that we bring in to meet with you directly as well, so everyone is working toward the same goal. With every client we believe our role is to become as educated about your business, products, and services as your internal sale staff because that is the most effective way to achieve success for you.


If this new approach appeals to you, give us a call. We’d be happy to  discuss your project and ultimately prove our worth to you.

Curt Scoville

A 1980’s Yankee-transplant to Tupelo, Mississippi – Curt has been at the helm of creating great advertising for over 20 years. Starting in Texas, he and his team built award-winning works with awesome market impact for some big named clients. Eventually, he came back to his roots in Mississippi, (as everyone does who marries a Mississippi girl), and started work with Pioneer Health Services.

His knowledge of marketing and drive to give the client the best marketing solution possible is what sets this guy apart. He’s worked with everyone from large-scale national clients to the small start-up companies, giving everyone the same devoted attention and expertise.

Tim Townsend

After a brief stint in the printing industry, Tim joined up with Curt at Pioneer Health Services and they began creating award-winning works for the last 6 years. Like a hungry sponge he began soaking up some of the old man’s (Curt) knowledge and along the way became known as the “yes” man for all web related services. If you ask Tim if he can pull off something on the web, he’ll always say, yes, and then he’ll work night and day to prove it.

Tim’s work ethic and his abilities are first class. His passion to design and develop innovative solutions is only matched by his passion and love for his young and growing family. Want to see a true Mississippi Redneck melt into a pile of goo, just catch Tim around his two year-old daughter.