Let's Get Vaccinated

Custom Rural COVID Vaccine Campaigns

We are pleased to offer your facility a turn-key solution for the marketing and advertising effort. Our program allows your facility to launch a comprehensive advertising campaign with ease. 


You can customize all the materials in our campaign to your facility and your community. With full access to our marketing materials, you will have a complete list of print-ready and production-ready files at your disposal. Best of all, the entire campaign, from print materials to social media is available with a single discounted payment. 

We have 2 Campaigns to choose from

Both campaigns contain the same set of marketing materials, giving your facility everything you will need to easily launch the cross-platform advertising effort. You can review both campaigns and all material at the shop.

Each Campaign Contains the Following:
  • Two Outdoor Billboards (Standard Sizes)

  • Website Graphics and Webpage Copy

  • Three Clinic Television Monitor Graphics 

  •  Three In-Clinic Posters (Size 11×14)

  • Three Facebook Posts (Includes Prewritten Captions/Copy)

  • Three Twitter Posts (Includes Prewritten Captions/Copy)

  • Three Instagram Posts (Includes Prewritten Captions/Copy)

  • Three Large Posters (Size 24×36)

  • One 8.5 x 11 mRNA Vaccine Informational Flyer

  • Five Scripts for Clinic Provider Social Media Videos (Including Production Tips)

  • Two Postcards/Mailers 

  • Two Banners (Two Standard Sizes)

Purchase Your Campaign

Simply pay $495.00 via our PayPal using any major credit card and have access to an entire campaign. It’s a small price to pay out of the $49,500 grant. You can also use the purchased campaign for multiple RHCs that are under the same health system!

**Please note: If you are using this advertising campaign as part of a state or federal grant program, it is your facility’s responsibility to follow the guidelines specific to those grant programs. This includes any acknowledgement statements and or disclaimers required. The production files do have space available to add any such statements. The seller of this campaign, Carbon6 LLC, is not responsible for any content or claims in the advertising materials provided. Carbon6 is also not responsible, accountable, or guarantee the materials provided meet any grant requirements or reimbursements.